Villa Ceres
Dubrovačka 2, Klek, Hrvatska
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Outdoor Activities


Swimming and sunbathing, of course. A long pebbly beach is sun exposed all day. It is equipped with showers and sunbeds.Along the beach there are several bars, fast foods and restaurant. From the beach you can go on a day trip through the Neretva canal watching the most beautiful sunset on the Neretva river delta. If you are on holiday in August you can witness the best attraction of times part of Croatia, watching a Marathon (boat) race through the river Neretva.

swimming pool



Taking part in fields of oranges during the season is unforgettable moment for every tourist. Climbing on the nearby hill Slivno offer you a stunning view on the sea coast (from the top) a couple of caves makes the hill even nicer. A specific climate and other attributes are the reason way people have been thinking about bilding a rehabilitation centre.




For those who really likes sea we suggest visiting Klek in the winter as well. During the winter local people with their guests live literally on the sea. Sea is very rich with squids so a hunt on squids is a major attraction in the winter. Having mild climatic conditions as well as a richfull flora and fauna makes this place a very popular destination among sport clubs, individuals, and particulary scuba divers. Let me mention one more winter attraction and that is masquerade, with dance, songs, and food specialities it shows the real spirit of Mediteranien life.




However from all seasons in Klek,spring is the one with the most intesity. Arouse of nature, a birds symphony, blossom of mandarines, all that sounds mystical. The right time for the local trips. Findings of anticent Narona,a temple of August, early Christian church in village Vid, a famous ornitological museum with more than 350 samples of local birds, Salinas Troy, antient type of tombstone in Slivno, lakes in Bacina etc. Not to be missed.