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Neretva Boat Marathon
Neretva Boat Marathon

In the past, the traditional Neretva boat played a key traffic-economic role for people of the region. For centuries it has been the main means of transportation, and each year, an amateur race of these boats takes place. Participants race with boats down the Neretva River, from Metkovic, starting from the town bridge, all the way down to Ploče 22.5 kilometers away. There are about 40 teams and seven hundred rowers participating in the race and giving the best of themselves. But, although it is a matter of prestige, victory in this race is not the most important. The main factors are the courage and the desire to uphold the tradition, to remember the lives and efforts of our ancestors.

Other races which precede the Neretva Boat Marathon:
Krvavac: ‘Cup of Our Lady of Mount Carmel’ 15 July
Vid: ‘Boat Duel Cup of Duke Domagoj’ 4 August
Opuzen: ‘Racing for the start positions’ 7 August

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